Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Delicious Onion Rings...


3-4 large sweet yellow onions
1 bottle beer (I used Coronoa)
2 cups flour
Salt & Pepper - I sometimes add a bit of garlic powder too
Vegetable Oil - enough to fill the bottom of your pan to about 3/4" or use a deep fryer


Peel the onions and slice them - can be thin or thick sliced your choice, I go for medium sized slices. Break into rings and put in a bag or container - sprinkle with flour and shake them up to coat with flour.

Mix the flour, salt and pepper and any other seasonings you choose to add, then using a whisk mix in the beer and keep whisking until well blended.

Heat your oil - if you have a deep fryer fantastic but if not a deep skillet will work. Heat the oil on Medium High until a drop of the batter dropped in sizzles and floats, if you have a thermometer it is about 350 degrees.

Dip your onions in the batter and turn a few times to coat, then add them to the hot oil a few at a time, turn after a minute or so.

Drain on paper towels, add salt and enjoy!

I sometimes combine ranch dressing with BBQ sauce to make a nice tangy dipping sauce.